Hands-on; collaborative; rooted in experience and a true understanding of the digital infrastructure sector: our investment approach genuinely sets us apart from our peers, and has consistently delivered exceptional returns for our investors, while supporting the growth of innovative businesses in our sector.

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Data centres and digital infrastructure Project case studies

Data centres and digital infrastructure


In a world where increasingly more of our work and lives are conducted cross-platform, the demand for digital infrastructure is growing exponentially. But the answer isn’t simply to add capacity: the value of a data centre – and demand for using it – depends on location, connectivity, security and the way it is managed.


We take a hands-on approach, tailored to how advanced the project is. For new builds, we typically advise on site selection and contracts, and have even part-funded the purchase and construction. For centres that are already operational, our expertise as board members and our extensive networks can help maximise revenue and profitability.

This direct input on operations, drawing on our deep experience, ensures the success of the business and generates returns on our investment.

We generate returns from our data centre investments both through selling assets, once their value is realised, and through ongoing income. Any decision to exit is based on performance across our portfolio and market conditions.

Project case studies