Sustainability, Materials


May 2020

Series A

Series A


Company Summary

  • Founded in 2012, ECOncrete delivers high-performance ecological concrete technology for marine enviroments.
  • The company patented solution (which combines a proprietary admix, texture and design) create an infrastructure that exceeds the structural performance of standard concrete, while regenerating marine life and creating an active carbon sink.
  • Already used in more than 40 locations in ten countries, shorelines in Spain, Monaco, the Netherlands, Italy, San Diego and New York have benefited from the company’s product.
  • It is suitable for applications including flood defences, waterfront infrastructure, and offshore foundations, and lists carbon sequestration, increased biodiversity and promotion of local species, and improved water quality among its environmental benefits.
  • Compared to traditional cement, ECOncrete structures show:
    • 2X more biodiversity;
    • 7X more carbon storage;
    • 16X better water quality; and
    • Have up to 10% greater compressive strength, and greater durability.

Deal highlights

  • Initial investment at Series A in May 2020 as part of the RElab 2020 programme.
  • The round was led by Bridges Israel (an impact fund based in Israel), with participation of several investors including Barclays and a North American family office with an interest in ocean health.