Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence


March 2017

Series A

Series C

Co-lead Series B Board Observer

Company Summary

  • Founded in 2014, BreezoMeter is a leader in the space of environmental intelligence, providing actionable live and predictive insights for air quality, pollen and wildfires. The company's main goal is to improve the health and safety of billions of people worldwide.
  • BreezoMeter processes information from multiple data layers - including 47,000+ sensors worldwide, meteorological data, satellite information, traffic conditions and active fires.
  • In order to calculate air quality up to a resolution of 0.003 miles (5 meters/16 feet) in 100+ countries on an hourly basis, the company deploys more than 30 different algorithms, the outputs of which go through a sophisticated accuracy-validation process.
  • Through their client integrations and consumer apps, BreezoMeter's actionable environmental insights are delivered to millions of people each day.

Deal Highlights

  • Initial investment at oversubscribed Series A round in March 2017.
  • 13 months later, Goldacre co-led a competitive Series B round alongside Entrée Capital with participation of several investors Eurazeo and Hella Capital.
  • Goldacre participated in the follow-on Series C round led by Fortissimo Capital.

Goldacre have supported BreezoMeter through multiple rounds, including through the latest financial downturn. They’ve also proven to be extremely valuable strategic partners and have made many fruitful introductions, thanks to a strong UK and EU network to call on. Lastly, I would commend Goldacre on their integrity - they’ve always kept their word through all the dealings we’ve ever had with them.

Ran Korber, co-founder and CEO